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I'm a software engineer based in Barcelona 🌊 with 10 years of experience in the software industry. My focus area for the past few years has been front-end development with React, but I'm also skilled in back-end development with Go. I am very quality-conscious because I spent my early career years in QA roles.

☎️ Contact information

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👩🏻‍💻 Work experience

Software Engineer II

Typeform, Barcelona, Spain – (Dec 2017 - Present)
Full-stack engineer in the team responsible for integrations and developer tools. We're in charge of defining and improving the developer experience with Typeform's platform.
Initially focused on front-end, single-handedly led the efforts to re-build our front-ends for OAuth applications, Personal Tokens and Webhooks from scratch using React, Redux, Styled Components, Jest, etc.
Contributed to our back-end services for webhooks and integrations built in Node.js (Express/Hapi) and GoLang with PostgreSQL.
Performed coaching of junior developers joining the team, doing frequent pair and mob programming sessions, while working with senior engineers to define roadmaps and feature priorities.
Took active part in the Diversity and Women in Tech initiatives, with regular meetings and driving proposals across the company. Coached colleagues in drafting talk proposals and public in general.

QA Automation Engineer

OLX Group, Buenos Aires, Argentina – (May 2014 - Oct 2017)
Built automated acceptance and contract test suites for the company's core and payments APIs, using Node.js, Mocha and Chai and later on PHP with Behat. Reviewed and validated the development of new features to ensure the API design and underlying logic remained consistent.

Software Tester

Hexacta, Buenos Aires, Argentina – (Aug 2012 - Apr 2014)
Developed and executed functional testing plans for Bolloré Ipaki, a shipping container terminal and logistics administration web app.
Evaluated new client requirements, defined use cases and maintained a local testing environment.

QA Analyst

Wunderman BA, Buenos Aires, Argentina – (Apr 2011 - Jul 2012)
In the advertising agency Wunderman, performed as the single QA in multiple simultaneous projects of diverse complexity. Validated, copy and assets, user flows and functionality and did exploratory testing on tools and apps within the public websites for Ford and Lincoln cars.
Managed communication with PMs and developer teams remotely and was in charge of estimation and prioritisation.

QC Analyst

Globant, La Plata, Argentina – (Apr 2009 - Apr 2011)
Performed exploratory and regression testing on video games developed by Electronic Arts. Defined, prioritised and executed test case suites. Defined focus areas according to the stage of the project and reported defects with complex reproduction instructions. Some of the titles were: Command & Conquer 4 (PC), Dragon Age Origins (PS3), The Sims 3 (PC and NDS), The Sims Medieval (PC), Brütal Legend (PS3) and Dante's Inferno (PS3).

🛠 Skills

💻 Technology

Javascript ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My "native" programming language, I've worked with it for over 6 years. I've used it in the front-end with React and Redux, in the back-end for APIs with Node, Express and Hapi.js and for testing automation using Mocha and later on, Jest.

Golang ⭐️

I've started learning it recently and found it challenging (in a good way!) I'm not proficient yet but I've worked on some features and fixes on my own.

Technical writing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I enjoy writing about technical subjects and I feel I can do a pretty good job about it! My motivation is explaining things in simple and practical terms and thus making things easier for others.

🗣 Languages

Spanish 🇪🇸🇦🇷

Native speaker

English 🇺🇸

Proficient speaker

📜 Articles and Talks

🗣 Talk: Learning the OAuth Dance (APIdays Paris Dec 2018)

📚 Education

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems Analysis

2017 (unfinished due to Relocation)
ORT - Buenos Aires

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